About me

Agnieszka Dietrich - Coach

Agnieszka Dietrich - Coach

I have started my coaching journey of the great need to share my knowledge and experience in the field of good, pleasant and fulfilled life. This became my passion and life mission.


I was born and raised in Warsaw in Poland. I was born during communism, remembering a tank in front of my school and empty shelves in the stores. I always liked stories and my favourite character was a witch who could do magic. Fascinated by history and language I graduated philology at the University of Warsaw. I have had a unique and powerful ability to connect people so I became a PR Manager and Spokesperson in one of the biggest energy companies in Poland. The energy world was my destiny but over a year ago I also became interested in inner work and joined the Excellence Academy of Maya Ori where I discovered my talents – great connection with my intuition, the ability to quickly achieve high vibrations through which I can easily communicate with the Universe.

Thanks to my curiosity, never changing optimism and desire to learn more I became a Channeler and Certified Life Coach by Mindvalley. I help other people to connect with their inner self and find out what is important for them. I would like others to see themselves and the world around them the way I do. Soon I will become a Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist. I also belong to Heartegy Coaches Collaboration – institution established by coaches who collaborate together wordlwidly. I am mom of 2 wonderful 11 and 13 years old daughters. I travel a lot, do yoga, I love dancing, art and nature. My biggest dream is to participate in the discovery of teleportation and travelling to space.


I strongly believe that our life on Earth can be pleasant, exciting and filled with interesting challenges, and that everyday is a new chapter in our story.

I also believe that we are all good, but some of us have lost their way amidst imposed structures, customs and rules. There are no coincidences and, although each one of us is unique and special, we are all connected.

I also run a blog, which I invite you to read