Aga Dietrich

I have started my coaching journey of the great need to share my knowledge and experience in the field of good, pleasant and fulfilled life. This became my passion and life mission.

“I strongly believe that our life on Earth can be pleasant, exciting and filled with interesting challenges, and that everyday is a new chapter in our story.”

Agnieszka Dietrich

I’m Aga, a certified life coach. My job is to support others in difficult life decisions and circumstances, both personal and professional. My mission is to provide help when needed, for which coaching is a wonderful and dependable tool.

„Whatever you do,
make sure it makes you happy”


  • EWhen you’re attempting to turn your life around but don’t know where to begin
  • EWhen you feel that your occupation is not your passion or dream
  • EWhen you feel that others don’t understand you
  • EWhen you’re having a difficulty making a decision and are fearful of its consequences
  • EWhen your life feels uncommonly challenging
  • EWhen you feel lost
  • EWhen you lack motivation
  • EWhen you can’t find your place

Chcesz zwolnić, zatrzymać się, odnaleźć kontakt z duszą?

Nic prostszego, pomogę Ci. Bowiem wierzę gorąco, że życie ma być przyjemne i radosne i tylko od nas samych zależy czy tak się właśnie stanie.

Life Coach