Client Testimonials

I attended a coaching session with Agnieszka on April 16, 2022. This was my first time meeting with a coach. From the very beginning, Agnieszka created an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding. The energy in our meeting allowed me to open up and take up the subject of my concern with ease. Agnieszka tactfully led me towards reflections relevant to my concern and offered several solutions. She told me how to maintain my inner energy.

I continue to use her advice. I’m satisfied with our meeting and plan on scheduling another one.


I want to thank you for our sessions.

Their atmosphere was very pleasant. Your compassionate approach to me and my problems made me feel heard and understood and deserves appreciation. The open structure of the meetings allowed me to be proactive in solving the challenges that life set on my path. During our sessions we analyzed my problems, discussed the risks and potential solutions, we evaluated what I have control over and what is beyond it, and reminded ourselves of our life priorities. During this time I learned that there is energy within us and beyond us as well as an energy that benefits us and one that does not. We talked about methods of relaxation, ways of resting and organizing daily life to minimize stress and unnecessary tension. Focusing on the present moment is a gift thanks to which we can live a full and unhurried life. It’s worth doing things for pleasure so as to balance out the challenges.
I was especially interested in the topic of gratitude. Now I nurture it daily and I notice how positively it affects my life. I’m confident that it’s better to focus on our blessings rather than the curses.

Agnieszka, you helped me a lot and gave me tools to manage my problems, gave me literature, awakened my self confidence and the power, which spurs from good instincts.

From the bottom of my heart, I recommend you as a life coach.


This was my first experience with a coaching session and now I realize how much it has helped me. Agnieszka, with her calmness and thoughtful questions, led me to the source of my problem and guided me to the solution. During our conversations, we talked about certain situations and my emotions towards them. I saw them from a new perspective and the solutions seemed easier than I previously thought. The guided meditation also allowed me to listen to myself, feel the inner peace, which in turn helped me to reevaluate the problem and my corresponding emotions. Now I see many things in a different life, not just the initial problem I came with. I’m now longer controlled by my emotions and I’m able to be grateful for the things I have and appreciate things I didn’t previously notice. Agnieszka’s positive energy contributed to my outlook on issues in my life. After completing the session I feel confident that I will be able to change what I want to and that I will retain my motivation to further work on myself. I highly recommend Agnieszka as a life coach. Thanks to her work you’ll gain a new perspective and solve your issues with greater ease, and therefore, simply, be happier.


Agnieszka knows how to listen and looks for inventive solutions. Thanks to her compassion, eloquence and empathy, she was able to open my eyes to new aspects of life I haven’t thought of before. She’s like a doctor for wounded souls. She doesn’t judge, but gives a sense of understanding and safety. She’s incredibly professional and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a coach.


Aga, I would like to sincerely thank you for our session on Monday. My mind stopped spinning and my thoughts finally settled. I know where I am and where I want to be. Your intuition, empathy and the positive energy emanating from you, have a very encouraging and soothing effect on me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!